Annyeonghaseyo, Seoul! I’m coming …

Stepping my feet on Seoul land has always been my dream since my high school time.
I remember exactly there were many popular Korean dramas such as “Winter Sonata” by Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo or “Autumn in My Heart (Endless Love)” by Song Hye Kyo, Song Seung Heon and Won Bin.And now the latest one was “Descendants of the Sun” by Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo that became a very popular hot worldwide in many countries, including my country.

Many Korean dramas drove people to what is called “Hallyu-Wave” that attract visitors to travel to Korea directly or indirectly. ●‿ ●

Applying for South Korea VISA

There are so many travel places to go in Seoul. But, I have a dilemma whether to go by myself or to join a tour by famous tour agent. Many people cry their eyes out over Korea VISA that cannot get approval. Meanwhile if people visit Korea by joining a tour agent and got group visa will have no worry over visa matter and they will bring us to many popular places in Seoul Korea.

After thought for several days, I decide to apply for single entry South Korea VISA and convinced myself that I will go without joining any tour agent although I don’t understand Korean words at all. I only know a few simple words from Korean drama.  (◡‿   ◡✿)

Many friends and family shock for my decision but I explain to them not to worry as I believe Seoul is a safe country for tourist although I don’t speak Korean language. I personally don’t really like to join a tour because it is too time consuming.

After three weeks, I checked the status of my South Korean VISA application on the South Korea embassy website by entering my personal information on the required field. And tadaaa my VISA has been approved! I felt really happy because my dream became true

Check Visa Status Via Website

I would step my feet on South Korea soon. Horrayyyy!!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

After noticed of that good news, I prepare to set my South Korea itinerary. The flight was on December so the weather at Seoul was winter. Because it was still winter, I have problem with my carry-on baggage as I brought many winter coats that weight very heavy. My carry-on baggage was almost exceed the limit policy and got fine by airlines company!!

The one downside from traveling at winter time is that winter coat really take all the baggage space and the scarf, gloves and boots also so heavy. But I love Seoul sightseeing on winter so I forget about all the burden. (¤﹏¤)

Traveling day to Seoul was coming!

I cannot be more happy on this day because the next morning I would be arrived at Seoul. I proceed to the local airport for check in earlier but my flight was delayed for around 45 minutes from my city to Transit Airport because of some technical problem. I was so worry that it would affect my flight to Seoul because I had only one hour and thirty minutes transit time before connecting flight to Seoul.

On the plane, I ordered some meal as I really got hungry because  I haven’t took my dinner yet. So, I decided to order a Cookie Bar.

That was really YUMMY!! (。◕‿  ◕。) Soft and so tasty!

Cookie Bar

After one hour of flight, I arrived at Transit Airport, I decided to have some fast food at Popeye Fried Chicken at international flight arrivals before next flight. Because the flight from Transit Airport to Incheon International Airport will took around seven hours and it would be a perfect time to sleep on the airplane. I just ordered one cup of hot coffee and a set of crispy fried chicken.

Popeyes Fried Chicken

After having the foods, I proceed to the Gate for next flight. On the way to the gate, there was an announcement from sound system that they would close the gate soon. What???? I thought I heard a wrong announcement so I asked a woman at counter. She told me I should run as fast as I could because I might miss my flights to Korea

So, I run all the way to the airplane with heavy breathe as fast as I can..

And finally Thanks,God! I didn’t miss my flight.. Fiuhhhh…. (¬_¬)

Before arriving Seoul, at flight, we will be asked by flight attendant to fill in the Traveler Declaration Form. I was so tired that I fell asleep at the time she gave everybody this form. After I awake, I saw another passenger beside me fill this form so I called her and asked for this form.

Travel Declaration Form

Arriving at Incheon International Airport

After filled up the travel declaration form, the airplane captain announced that we will be landed at Incheon International Airport in around 15 minutes and told us that the local weather on Incheon was around 1° Celcius with a chance of rain and snow. I was very happy to hear that because I would like to experience snow . I can’t wait to see South Korea in winter.

And finally I was arrived at Incheon International Airport. A little bit disappointed that it is rain and the snow is not so visible but still pretty cold. huh..

Annyeonghaseyo!!! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

 Seoul Incheon International Airport

Seoul Incheon International Airport

Quick Tips for Korean Visa:

For some people that want to visit Korea but cannot get South Korea Visa, there is still another alternative to go. Jeju Island (South Korea) has apply free entry visa for 187 countries as an effort to promote Jeju Island as destination for international tourists.

For travelers from countries that do not have flight directly to Jeju (such as from South East Asia countries), there might be a little difficulty as almost all flights go thru Incheon Airport Seoul that require visa, although only transit. A solution for this matter can be handled by flight from HongKong to Jeju. Cathay Pacific has HongKong-Jeju flight route 3 times a week.Travelers can go to Jeju by transit via HongKong or Bangkok.

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