Seorabeol Korean BBQ Restaurant at Dongdaemun

This time,in this post, I will write about the yummy Seorabeol Korean BBQ Restaurant at Dongdaemun. Korean BBQ is different from other BBQ that I have tasted before. Korean BBQ is unique and has its own authentic taste that no other BBQ can offer.I have had BBQ at many other countries but I like Korean BBQ the most. I learn from Korean friend that there is a great way to eat Korean BBQ that I can try.

The steps are easy to learn and good to practice which is I take a piece of leaf then put: the garlic , onion, beef, stir-fry vegetables, sauce then wrap them all together and eat it at one bite. It tasted very delicious and somehow they mixed very well at great flavor and didn’t taste weird at all. But, don’t eat BBQ at your first date because the BBQ is too delicious, cannot hide it at all that makes you eat with super large mouth open widely. People should impress their first date well, right?? (✿ ♥‿  ♥)

Seorabeol Korean Restaurant

Seorabeol Korean Restaurant

Seorabeol Korean BBQ Restaurant

My trip to Seoul this time, I chose Seorabeol (Dongdaemun Branch) to taste the famous Korean BBQ. I have walked several places to consider which one should I try but I finally picked this one. Other popular Korean BBQ that you may try such as: Baekjeong Korean BBQ (Branches at Dongdaemun and Myeongdong) or Cha Iyagi Korean BBQ (Insadong).

Front store of Seorabeol Korean BBQ Restaurant. This guy is very kind. He wave hand at me as I took a picture.Thank you,Oppa!! ヽ(^◇^*)/

Seorabeol Menu

Seorabeol has great service. At first, I just have a glance at the sign board in front of the restaurant. The weather was very cold, I thought it might be nice to have BBQ. The young guy with glasses came out quickly and gave warm greeting. During my BBQ time, he was very diligent to walk from one table to another table to check whether all guests are fine with their BBQ. He helped me to switched the black burnt BBQ grill tool a few times and I asked him a new bowl and plate which he gave me very fast. He even told me to have a free coffee that can be refilled as many time as I like and they offer two choices of coffee.The first one coffee taste very light,seems like Caffe Latte and the second one taste more like cappuccino. He was very kind and made my BBQ Korean experience so wonderful. Thank you, Oppa!!

I highly recommend this place and of course will come back to eat Korean BBQ here if I travel back to Seoul next time.I was so impressed with the food and the service here at Seorabeol. If I was not mistakenly remember, there was a Song Joong Ki advertisement in front of the restaurant as you can see from the picture  LOL…(^▽^)

Seorabeol Menu Price List

Besides the meat that I order, Seorabeol Menu also provide many side dishes for guest such as spicy tofu soup, stir-fry vegetables, caramelized onion, garlics, soya bean sauce tofu, cabbage salad, kimchi, perilla and lettuce leaves, free water and coffee. If guest is still not full can also order rice to eat along with the BBQ.

Seorabeol BBQ Meat

I orderd 150g pork belly which cost only 12000 Won. It surprised me that Seorabeol Korean BBQ also provide a huge tasty meat at the grill pan. I was amazed with how good it was the service and the foods at this restaurant. The price was fair and affordable. The food tasted very delicious that made me could not stop eating and fell in love with Korean BBQ. It was love at first sight.The pork belly was very tender and juicy. I cut the large meat with scissors into several pieces after grill it medium rare.The meat fat really smell so delicious that it almost explode inside my mouth.

Seorabeol Pork Belly Menu

Seorabeol Hot Spicy Tofu Soup

After having my BBQ, I drank several cups of coffee there which were free and I went to their toilet which located at 2nd floor upstairs. The toilet was very clean. The restaurant has cozy environment and it was a fun place to hang out with family or friends while having delicious Korean BBQ.

Seorabeol Free Coffee

Just a simple tips from me, before start to grill the BBQ, it will be better to open coat or jacket and keep it inside a plastic bag to avoid the meat smell stick on the coat/jacket after having BBQ.But if you don’t mind with the smell, it is fine to just wear it.


Kyochon Fried Chicken at Hongdae (Hongik)

Kyochon Fried Chicken

I dropped by Kyochon Fried Chicken at Hongdae by coincidental. I had a plan before to eat at Kyochon Fried Chicken but didn’t plan to look for Hongdae branch, actually I wanted to eat at Dongdaemun Branch before. I shopped at Daiso and Miniso before felt so hungry. After that, I walked for a while and saw the amazing sign board of Kyochon Fried Chicken that made me starving directly.

Kyochon Fried Chicken has three promises

Everybody loves fried chicken, form adult people until little children, including myself as well. I mean who can resist the temptation of hot crispy fried chicken in the middle of cold wind?? I didn’t think twice anymore and got into the restaurant which was already crowded by local young Korean teenagers. I sat in the corner and ordered one bottle of Soju (to keep me warm form cold weather) and and Garlic Soy and Spicy Sauce Chicken. I counted my plate there were 13 pieces of chickens. The portion was huge that might be enough for 2 people. I was very full and satisfied with the food here.

Kyochon Chicken Beverages Menu

Besides Soju, Kyochon Chicken also serves beer as you can see from the picture. And if restaurant guest does not want to order any drink, Kyochon Chicken also provides free water that people can refill as much as they want.

Kyochon Chicken Menu

Kyochon Menu

There are many options on Kyochon Menu that people can choose such as: Kyochon Boneless Chicken,Kyochon Combo,Kyochon Fried Chicken,Kyochon Half/Half Combo,Kyochon Half/Half Original,Kyochon Half/Half Sticks,Kyochon Honey Combo,Kyochon Honey Original,Kyochon Original,Kyochon Red Combo,Kyochon Red Original,Kyochon Red Stick,Kyochon Stick with many sauce options such as garlic soy sauce,red spicy sauce,honey sauce,Jambalaya sauce, Honey mustard sauce. The price is very honest, ranged between 15,000-18,000 Won .

Kyochon Fried Chicken

Kyochon Chicken Garlic Soy Sauce and Honey

Besides chicken, Kyochon Chicken also gave free fruit side dish which complete the chicken very well. I have no idea what fruit it was but the side dish has sweet sour taste and was very fresh in my mouth after I ate the whole chicken. I could say that Kyochon Chicken could be the best fried chicken I had ever eaten in my life. Kyochon Chicken has tender,juicy meat with thin crispy texture skin that was freshly cooked after ordered that made my mouth watering again and again. Kyochon Chicken tasted mildly spicy, sweet and savory, the sauce and spice mixed very good.If I visit Seoul again next time, there is no doubt I will eat Kyochon Chicken again.

Kyochon Chicken Locations

Kyochon Chicken Locations have many branches at Korea, three most famous branches for tourists are Hongdae,Dongdaemun and Gangnam branches. To go to Dongdaemun branch, just ride metro subway to Dongdaemun Station then find exit 6 and Kyochon Chicken is on second floor of the building just as you exit. Dongdaemun Kyochon Chicken Restaurant opens 24 hours. For Hongdae Branch, just go to Hongik University Station then choose exit 9. For Kyochon Chicken Gangnam Branch direction, go to Nonyeong Station and find Exit 2 then walk awhile.

Kyochon Chicken Cozy Restaurant Atmosphere

The restaurant atmosphere was very cozy and fast service. The foods were served very quickly,it didn’t took too long time and the waitress told me where to get the free cold water. Besides my table, it was a local Korean young teenagers who hangout cheerfully. When I went to queue at toilet, the group of young teenagers were very kind and even told me to go in toilet first although they have waited before my turn. It was very polite.

Kyochon Delivery

I am not sure will it taste the same for delivery because I have never try that before. I only ever try ate Kyochon Chicken at the restaurant. But if you cannot find any seats or restaurant is full at the time you come,why not try for Kyochon Delivery.

Myeongdong Kyoja – A Must Try Korean Food in Seoul

I must admit that I never really love Korean foods before I went to Seoul. I mean I am not so interested to eat Korean foods at my city or when I travel abroad to another countries but it all change after I visit Seoul. I love Korean foods!! Yes, it’s true! ^_^ One of my favourite is Myeongdong Kyoja.

Myeongdong Kyoja

Korean foods have authentic taste and flavor with own heritage history that cannot be found at other foods. Kimchi(Fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables), Bibimbap (Mixed rice), Samgyetang(Ginseng chicken soup) and Korean BBQ has made me fell in love with Korean foods. The taste was very unique and original. I have just come back a few weeks ago and now I missed Seoul so much and want to come back there.

Myeongdong has been a great choice for tourists to taste Korean foods. Myeongdong has so many restaurants and street foods that filled with people until late midnight. The first place that I visited on my first day at Seoul was Myeongdong Kyoja. Has heard and read this place has good recommendation before that it attracted me so much. I even cannot wait to come here before I arrived Seoul.

Myeongdong Kyoja : Kalguksu or noodle soup

I walked around Myeongdong area for a while, got in and out from several cosmetic shops until my stomach started to sound “Gruuuhhhh”. I was so hungry then when I searched for Myeongdong Kyoja location. It was not hard to find.

My first impression of this place was good. The front door was crowded with long queue outside the restaurant but still it didn’t stop my intention to try the Kyoza here. Well, after waited for a few minutes, finally it’s my turn to got in. The waiting queue didn’t take too long time. It was cozy inside although all tables were full.

Myeongdong Kyoja Menu

Myeongdong Kyoja only served four dishes:

  • Kalguksu / noodle soup
  • Mandu / dumplings
  • Bibim guksu /spicy noodles
  • Kongguksu /noodles in cold soybean soup

I ordered two famous dishes here which were the dumplings and noodle soup. The dumplings were very juicy and has tender meat that melted once inside my mouth. One portion has many 10 dumplings which worth the price.

Myeongdong Kyoja

Myeongdong Kyoja Menu : Mandu or dumplings

I score the dumplings 9 out of 10. The noodle soup also very yummy. The soup was thick and has many minced meat was delicious.

They also served side dish for my order such as kimchi and free water that I can refill whenever I want. The kimchi side dish has unique deep authentic taste that was a bit spicy but I still could take it. The kimchi complete the whole dishes perfectly.

Free Kimchi from Myeongdong Kyoja

There was something unique from Korean restaurant at Seoul. There was a hidden little drawer beside the table to keep spoon,chopsticks and fork. At first I confused as could not find any eating utilities but after I searched everywhere, I found the hidden treasure. LOL…=D

To pay after having foods here was easy. I didn’t need to go to cashier. The auntie (ahjuma) that served my table from beginning would gave the bill to me and gave changes to my payment directly at my table. So, there were not any paying queue at all which was good system.

How to Get to Myeongdong Kyoja?

Myeongdong Kyoja

Myeongdong Kyoja Front Door Sign Board

To reach Myeongdong Kyoja, I went by metro subway. Headed to Myeongdong Station (just find Line 4 and out from Exit 8). After exit from subway station, just turn left to Myeongdong 10 Gil Road and then walk straight around awhile to arrive at restaurant on the right.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Dont forget to read my other Seoul travel guide. ^^


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