Gangnam Seoul Attractions

Gangnam Seoul Kimbap or Gimbap Stall

Gangnam Seoul Kimbap or Gimbap Stall

Gangnam Seoul district is also well known as Kangnam-gu. Gangnam area is located quite far from the hotel that I stayed, but I told myself, I gotta go there no matter what it takes. I was so curious to see Gangnam-gu area as Seoul city is very identical with the icon of Gangnam recently, ever since ” Gangnam Style” song by PSY that became worldwide hit with crazy views on Youtube.
At first,people might get confused with “Gangnam” word, thought that it just title of a song but in fact, in Seoul city, it is a popular district name.

Gangnam name itself means the southern part of the river as it is located near the Han River. Gangnam Seoul is well known as a symbol of wealth, high income and high standard living in Korea, so Gangnam Seoul became one of the districts known for its glamorous lifestyle and very high fashion sense.

Where to Go in Gangnam Seoul

For tourists who searching for shopping heaven pleasure, visit Cheongdam-dong Shopping Street of Gangnam District must be at the top of bucket list, many luxurious branded high fashion stores and handbags open branches there such as Louis Vuitton,Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Prada, Cartier, Vera Wang Bridal or Korean designers collections such as Namu by Namuhana, Son Jung Wan and the list still goes on.

After travelers shop until drop, travelers can try having delicious Italian cuisine by Chef Eo Yun-Gwon at “Ristorante Eo” or French cuisine at “Palais de Gaumont” that named after Leon Gaumont and the Gaumont Palace. Parisian cakes and breads made from organic ingredients also available at “Cafe de Paris”, their macaroon price is around 3,900 won with Espresso coffee cost around 10,000 won.

Not to be missed for Korean music fans as well, here is also the center of Korea’s famous music agency office headquarters of K-Pop management companies such as JYP Entertainment, S.M. Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, J. Tune Entertainmentand, and FNC Entertainment.

It was a sunny Sunday when I went to Gangnam, it was so crowded everywhere by youngsters and family gathering. My stomach was so empty since morning as I have not eaten any breakfast yet since morning. Yes, I admit I was wake up too late from my schedule. I was too tired stay up the earlier night before shopping until late night at Dongdaemun Night Market.
So,right after I arrived at Gangnam, my eyes rolled around looking for yummy snacks. Who can resist eye candy here. 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜

Gangnam Kimbap or Gimbap Rolls

Gangnam Kimbap or Gimbap Rolls

I ordered 2 rolls of Korean seaweed rice rolls called Kimbap or Gimbap from one simple stall cooked by a local Korean auntie. She was helped by her two young beautiful daughters to serve foods for buyer. The stall may so small but the tables was very full. They got lots of customers. I almost could not find a chair to sit at. The Kimbap/Gimbap cost only 1000 won if I am not mistaken. With a price like that, the Kimbap/Gimbap was juicy inside and taste so good. There were many choices of Kimbap/Gimbap filling that buyer can choose, I chose one roll filled with Bulgogi (Korean marinated BBQ beef), and another roll filled with Kimchi. Besides Kimbap/Gimbap, this stall also sell many other foods (hot soup with rice, hot fishcake Odeng, stir fried rice cakes Tteok-bokki with red sauce and also many kinds of beverages such as coffee, hot chocolate,and fruit juices)

After I had eaten, I walked around to find another snacks as I was not full yet, still a bit hungry. My eyes were caught by this cool advertisement. A huge poster of handsome Korean celebrity in front of their stall named “Kiss the Tiramisu” ice cream. Whohaa..!! ヽ(゚▽゚*)乂(*゚▽゚)ノ

Kiss the Tiramisu

Kiss the Tiramisu

I forgot why I skip the ice cream stall with that handsome dude advertisement poster but in the end, I did try for this cute adorable tiny cupcakes from stall “Manoffin”.



This “Manoffin” mini cafe has many set menus to offer but I was not interested at all. I only stopped there because I saw this tiny cute cake in white rose design. How lovely was that!! O(≧▽≦)O

Manoffin Cupcakes

Manoffin Cupcakes

This tiny white Rosie cupcakes has soft texture and yummy vanilla cream. Besides cupcakes, their muffin and coffee are also good choice for take away.

What to See in Gangnam Seoul

After having enough for foods,it’s time to look for the massive sensational Gangnam Style icon!!
I was so excited to find this icon of Gangnam. At first,it was just easy to find the Gangnam Style icon but boy, was I wrong? I was lost walking here and there, try to ask local Korean people but I could not speak fluent Korean and they did not understand me so we used Tarzan language when we lost in translation. I almost surrender to search for it, I found myself in the middle of nowhere crowded by local young people who busy chit chat or listen to cell phone, I saw right in front of my eyes, here was the tourist information! Whoa.. I should have asked Gangnam Tourist Information first instead of getting around by myself carelessly.

Inside the Gangnam Tourist Information, there was a young super beautiful girl who looked like a Korean drama actress or girl band member that explained to me where the Gangnam Style icon is located with a map.Don’t worry as she spoke fluent English. She also told me many fun places for tourists around Gangnam area. The map has very complete information plus little image as description so I was amazed.

Gangnam Seoul Style New Icon Stage

Gangnam Seoul Style New Icon Stage

Later on,I did walked awhile follow directions given by the Tourist Information girl, perhaps around 15 minutes. I did not remember exactly..Then..Voila..I did found the PSY Gangnam Style Icon. I was so happy to take picture of the Gangnam Style Icon. It is like a dream come true.(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ..

Hongik University Street or Seoul Hongdae Area

On the first day of my Seoul trip, the first place that I went to was the vibrant artistic Hongdae Area that was named after the nearby Hongik Daehakgyo (Hongik University Street) ,the famous art and architecture institution in South Korea.

Hongik University Street

Hongik University neighborhood around Hongik University Street

Hongik University neighborhood around Hongik University Street

This coolest neighborhood is surrounded by vibrant urban arts and cozy places(cafe,club,theaters, art galleries) for hangout. Hongik University Street is packed with young people. As night getting late, travelers can watch live music/dancing/hip hop/rap music street performances by local talented youth that still has no Facebook fanpages or Youtube channel videos. This area never sleeps.

Hongdae also has many venue stages for art drama choreography such as BBoy Theater that well known for award-winning musical show that called “Ballerina Who Loved A B-boy” (B-boy mean Break-Dancing Boy).

Hongdae Shopping Street

Hongdae foods price also inexpensive as seller main target market are university students.It’s too bad that I could not find the famous Hongdae Mural Street (Picasso’s Street) that often become dating spots for couples as I was lost and went to the wrong direction.

After walking around Hongik University Street, I spotted a cheap and delicious BBQ place instead of the Picasso’s Street..LOL..  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Hongdae BBQ at Hongdae Shopping Street

Hongdae BBQ Price List

I met a very kind-heart Ahjumma(Auntie) here around Hongdae Shopping Street. Her food stall was number two from metro subway exit if I was not mistaken. The wind was very cold and strong at that time and I was only wearing a thin bomber jacket so I got red runny nose. When I stopped by to buy a skewer from her food stall, she saw I was shivering so she invited me to come inside her food stall because she has heater inside and she gave me a cup of hot soup to make me warm and said that I should wear a scarf to prevent me from cold weather. She also helped to wipe my snot using tissue.Then she wanted to gave me another cup of hot soup again which I declined politely as I felt shy to accept.

Hongdae Skewer Street Food

“Oh My God,” I talked to myself, this Ahjumma must be an angel. I was only a stranger who purchased one skewer from her that cost 2,000 Won but she was very kind to me. I was really touched by her kindness and thanked her deeply and promised myself that will be back to visit her food stall again next time I go to Seoul.
When I looked back at the picture that I took from her food stall, I realized that her skewers tasted very delicious but the price was very cheap(from 1,000 to 2,000 Won only) as I compared to other street food stalls that I bought the next days at other places. When I told all my family and friends about her, they feel very surprised and very curious about my experience meeting such a kind down to earth local Korean Auntie. “Kamsahamnida, Ahjumma !! ”  \( ̄▽ ̄)/ 

Hongik University Station

To get here, just go to Hongik University Station (Line 2) then exit 9. Hongdae also has Hongik Children’s Park which is also a popular spot for English Teachers and Korean Univ students to hangout.

Just follow that street sign to Hongik Children's Park

Just follow that street sign to Hongik Children’s Park

Art Museum Seoul 

Arts/free market,museum,festivals,indie music band shows and various events are often held here surround the playground. 

As the center of youthful nightlife, since 2001, many clubs at Hongdae host event called “The Hongdae Club Day” which promote admittance for party clubbers to get into 11 clubs (includes 1 drink) by paying 15,000 Won ticket only on the last Friday of each month. I was too tired already that day so I skip the clubbing part. (。-_-。)

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