Food Hunting at Myeongdong Street Food

On the first night upon my arrival at Seoul, I decided to go eat some Myeongdong street food which located at Myeongdong shopping street which is the most popular street food in Seoul to try some Korean Street Food.Tourists can find lots of delicious foods here until late midnight.

Myeongdong Street Food

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Croissant Taiyaki

After walking around 2-3 minutes from Myeongdong station, I found there were so many street food stalls. It was very cold at that time. The winter weather was around minus 5 Celcius and I had difficulty to adjust myself with the cold itself as I did not get used to it.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Toppoki

The first Myeongdong street food that I ate at Myeongdong shopping street was the Toppoki ( hot and spicy rice cake). The Toppoki was served also along with Twigim (vegetables tempura). It tasted a bit sweet,middle-level spicy and salty with chewy a bit sticky texture at the same time but it was good. Toppoki is very famous around the Myeongdong Street food.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Honey Butter Garlic Shrimp

The mixture of many flavors. At first I didn’t get used to it but I can accept the taste at last. Usually Toppoki sellers also sell Odeng/Eomuk along with free hot soup offered to make buyers feel warm at cold weather.The Seoul Odeng or Eomuk only cost around 1,000 to 2,000 Won for one skewer.

You can also find the potato tornado stalls at the middle of the Myeongdong market which is very unique. It has the salty potato tastes and also famous around Myeongdong Street Food

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Tornado Potato

Myeongdong restaurants and street food stall are spreaded around the street to offer foods for hungry tourists. Choices are so many that will make people confused. There were some korean bbq seoul, sulbing myeongdong,etc

The street foods also attract worldwide tourists to come here to try.The food price here is different from one stall to another stall. The cheapest food cost 2,000 Won until some food may cost 5,000 to 15,000 Won (for grilled lobster).

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Roast Lobster with Cheese

I captured some photographs from the Myeongdong street food stalls. All the sellers here were very friendly except there was one seller here who voiced her objection to get her picture when cooking by saying “Please,no photograph”. So I respect her and decide to quit taking her picture.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Pumpkin Soup

I try some foods here. Foods were hot, tasty and freshly prepared well. I bought fish cake roll with tomato sauce, grilled scallop, Gyeran-Bbang/Egg Steamed Bread,Tteok-bokki(Toppoki) and fried vegetables, pomegranate juice, and also Ttaek-Galbi meat balls with special sauce.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Fried Rice Cake Roll

I thought the Pomegranate juice was a bit overpriced, It cost around 5,000 Won, but because at time I was so thirsty after eating so many foods here, I didn’t think twice to buy the drink.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Pomegranate Juice

The last food that I purchased here was the famous self service long tall ice cream twist cone that only cost 2,000 Won with many flavor available. The ice cream tasted good. It was worth to try with affordable price and unique experience eating such tall height ice cream.LOL..

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Tteok-Galbi Meatball

The Tteok-Galbi meatball tasted very yummy. The seller told me they had special sauce that was very delicious. I spread lot of the sauce into my meatball. After tasted that it was very good, I came back again to the stall to ask for additional sauce, the seller smiled at me and told me please just go ahead to put the sauce. I was shy a bit but thankful to the seller.

There was also a cute strawberry mochi stall here. The mochi packaging was very lovely and eye-catchy. The mochi price also very average.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Strawberry Mochi

Myeongdong was very crowded with tourists although time showed it was almost midnight already. Not only food hunters that hang around here but also pretty ladies who looked for beauty cosmetics as Myeongdong shopping street also fulled of many famous brand cosmetics stores such as Etude, TonyMoly, Innisfree, and many more other branded cosmetics.

myeongdong street food

Myeongdong Egg Steamed Bread

The egg steamed bread/Gyeran-Bbang was very worth to give a try. It only cost 2,000 Won. The bread tasted sweet,creamy and fluffy texture with soft and moist egg yolk. I was eating my egg bun while enjoying my walk along Myeongdong shopping street with my eyes crawling the sight of many beauty products here. The egg bread would cause serious addiction during the cold weather.

Direction to enjoy Myeongdong street foods: Just stop at Myeong-dong Station (which is subway line 4) then exit 8.

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