First Time Arriving at Incheon Airport

After the airplane was landed at Incheon International Airport, I proceed directly to Seoul airport transfer from international arrivals to get to departure hall.

My arrival time at Seoul Airport was a little bit late from the schedule, and I was getting hungry so I tried to find some meals and found Krispy Kreme at the arrival.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee

After take a look of the Krispy Kreme menu, I decide to bought sugar and chocolate filling doughnuts. The chocolate doughnuts tasted yummy. The texture were soft and fluffy. It was not too sweet and has balance crunchy.

Granulated Glaze Sugar Doughnuts

Where to buy a sim card at Korea Airport?

Well, I headed to CU mini-market to buy sim card. At first, the kind young pretty lady that able to speaks good English help me to activate the messaging data planning but my sim mobile still cannot make a phone call.

After I told her, she helped me by calling to the travel sim cards call center to follow the instructions how to activate phone calling. After I waited for an hour sitting at bench in front of the CU Convenience Store, finally my sim card was able to make a phone call.

M Mobile Sim Card

I really thanked her and appreciate her help. She said it was okay and she was glad that she could help. How sweet she was. I am thankful to God that I met good people in the beginning of my trip to Korea. The phone card cost was almost the same with the price of Singapore sim card.

Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018

At the Seoul South Korea Airport, thare were something that very eyes-cathing that was The 2018 Winter Olympics or PyeongChang 2018 will be held soon so there was a special promotion zones which were designed to introduce PyeongChang 2018 set up at Incheon Korea that I could see upon my flight arrivals. I managed to take several pictures but couldn’t get any closer as it was too crowded with may people having photographs there with couple or kids.

Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic at Icn Korea Airport

Purchase Tmoney Card

Before leaving Incheon International Airport, I searched for Seoul subway card which has important rule for transportation.

I purchased the TMoney cute card with design of famous Line Friends that can be used for bus,metro,taxi,Seoul City Tour Bus,Train,Toll and also to buy things from many Convenience Store such as CU, GS25, 7Eleven, Mini Stop, With Me and 365Plus.

T-Money Card

The TMoney card has similar usage such as EZLink Card at Singapore, Octopus Card at HongKong or Pasmo Card at Tokyo. I really like the design of the Tmoney card as it was really cute.

Incheon Airport Transportation

Airport transfer to Seoul city is very convenient with Arex Seoul. It was an express train which directly go to the city. And cost around 8000-10000 won per person.But because of I was very tired at that time, I decided not to take Arex Seoul.

Incheon Airport Bus

For Airport Transportation from Seoul Airport to my stay in the city, I took Airport Limousine Bus which was right on time, fast, clean and very convenient which stop directly in front of my stay. The bus ticket cost 14000 Won. It was a little bit expensive compare to Arex Seoul train but it worth the trip.

Bus Ticket from Incheon Airport

Bus Ticket from Incheon Airport

The driver (a young man who wore glasses) was very kind, he helped people to carry out heavy baggages and make sure nobody miss the bus stop by screaming all the bus stop names several times over and over again.

What a great service!!! ^_^

My bus ticket has a face of my K-pop idol: G-Dragon from Big Bang Boyband.Arrrghhh!!!Oppa.(づ。◕‿‿ ◕。)づ

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