Cheonggyecheon Stream Korea

Cheonggyecheon Stream Korea is one of the most popular icons of Seoul city that tourist should not miss. It’s a public place but maintained well and is very clean. Tourists can stay there as long as they want to sit and relax if need to escape from hustle and bustle of the city, without any entrance fee. Cheonggyecheon Stream’s natural beauty was the main reason that attract me the most to visit Seoul city.I could not get enough with the beauty of this place until I came here twice, in the morning and came back here again at night and it’s very safe. The luminous waterfall display at night is super gorgeous. Spare some time here is a must.

Cheonggyecheon Stream Korea

Cheonggyecheon Stream Korea
Cheonggyecheon Stream Korea in the morning

On the way to Cheonggyecheon Stream while I was taking a subway, an elderly man started a conversation with me.Let’s called him grandpa. This grandpa was very  interested to chit chat with a tourist, especially when he found out I am not a local. He explained to me that the priority seats at the Seoul subway train is for the elders (the reserved seats can be found at the ends of each subway train), then for pregnant women there are special seats marked in pink color, located next to the doors (pregnant woman also can wear a pregnant name tag with cute picture).Almost all subway stations have elevators for the senior citizens and wheelchair lifts for users who have disability.

Take the stairs down to Cheonggyecheon Stream from Ogansugyo Bridge

Then he told many passengers nearby which were also old people that very curious with a foreigner. He was the only one who spoke English well and the others could not understand.They asked me in Korean language then this grandpa translate it into English to me. This group of old men and women really excited to help me to get off at the right subway station and afraid that I might get lost boarded the wrong subway station.

Cheonggyecheon Stream at night

I could not stand it and felt shy with their warm attention at me as they kept giving advise for me, I hurry up got off at nearest station. They told me that it was still quite far from Cheonggyecheon stream. I told them that it was fine, I could enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking to the stream and thanked them for their good intention.

Cheonggyecheon Stream Waterfall

Cheonggyecheon River Walk

After took an exit from subway station, I walked slowly to Cheonggyecheon stream. It was very serene along the way and the wind blew against my face.I could also feel the wind in my hair whispering. The serenity was unbeatable here with the little waterfalls. This spot might be a good choice for first date.So, don’t be surprised if you see many couples in love here as Cheonggyecheon Stream is a scenic romantic place. There is one scene from Korean drama titled “Lie to Me” by Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan that was shot in here.(。♥‿  ♥。)

Besides well known for its beauty for couples, Cheonggyecheon Stream also popular as tourist destination spot for worldwide visitors. I saw so many foreign tourists here that day. Cheonggyecheon Stream also helps to provide flood protection,reduces the heat and air pollution, increase number of business and price of properties nearby.

Cheonggye Plaza is behind this icon

Cheonggye Plaza

The stream starts from Cheonggye Plaza and flowing west to east through downtown Seoul. This area has been designated as a vehicle-free zone on holidays from Seoul Government.During the end of April month until the beginning of May, visitors can enjoy exhibitions of traditional lanterns on display for a ten-day period (The Lotus Lantern Festival) to celebrate the birth of Buddha with the bright charming lanterns.This event is very massive with such crowded participants from foreigners worldwide.The lanterns display is absolutely gorgeous.

Cheonggyecheon Stream Subway

To reach to Cheonggyecheon Stream, just go by subway to Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5),then find Exit number 5 then short walk around 5 minutes.
Another way to go there is by subway to City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) then go for Exit #4 then walk for around 6 min.

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